1. How do I order?

    To place an order, just e-mail me with the color, style, size and amount you need.

  2. How do I pay?

    I accept  personal checks, Paypal (3% fee), and purchase orders.  Payment isn't required until the order is ready to ship.

  3. Do you accept purchase orders?

    Purchase orders are welcome.  Just e-mail me the PO#.  I will send an invoice with the order.  If your school needs info from me, just let me know.

  4. Is there a group or volume discount?

    I have kept the price as low as I can for everybody, so there is no roup or volume discount.

  5. What if I ordered the wrong size?

    If you have ordered the incorrect size, they may be exchanged as long as you  have not ordered a special size or unusual color combo.  You must contact me first for approval and you are responsible for all shipping.

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