Chair Pockets Chair Pockets Measuring one piece chair How to measure one piece chairs 98203058 How to measure a 2 piece chair 121427712 Newer style one piece chair Measure cross front as shown 167251073 Giraffe Print Giraffe print fleece now available! 182193412 Basic style with zebra pocket These are more expensive due to the cost of fabric. 169178019 Basic Style Navy & Turquoise 22358433 Basic style 2-tone (navy & red) 22358432 Basic Style with hot pink pocket 169178020 Basic Style 22358434 green 22358435 201310675 orange 22358436 red 22358439 black 22358437 purple 22358438 3 pocket design 22358440 swing back style front and back of swing back style 92240718 Basic style front and back of basic style 92240719 Basic style Zebra pocket 181252571 Swingback front view 181252673 Swingback side view 181252674 Swingback front view 181252675