These chair pockets are made from a 65% cotton /35% polyester material, made in the USA.  No need to worry about wiping them down to clean them!  They are sturdy, machine washable, safe in the  dryer and need no ironing.  The sides are also double stitched  and reinforced at the stress points!

The basic style comes in 3 standard widths, a 12", 14" and a 16", each with one 9" deep pocket. The length is approx. 13 1/2".  $6.00 each.  I have also made these in an 18" and 20" width.  They are $6.25 each.  The whole bag slips over the chair, not just a 6" pocket. For this reason, if you are placing bulky items in them, you need to make sure the width is at least 1" wider than the chair back so there is "give" in the pocket.

 I do make another design (I call it a "swing back style" because the back swings free).  This best fits the one piece molded plastic chairs that are narrower at the top than the bottom.  If that is the style you need, let me know.  Sizes 14" or less are $6.00, 15" and larger are  $6.25. These also have one 9" deep pocket. The same colors are available, however they can only be a solid color, not a two tone.

I recently have added some canvas material in navy, red and a small amount of lavender.  It is also wash and dry.  These are $6.25 for up to 16" wide, and $6.50for larger in either style.  Be aware that this fabric is heavy and will cost more to ship.

There is also the option of a theme fleece pocket for the basic style only.  The price of these will be $6.00. 


There is NO volume or school discount.

Please see the page on measuring before you order!


Navy or red is the most popular, but I also have royal blue, black, and hunter green. I can no longer get orange, hot pink, purple or turquoise.  I can still get yellow, but it is not made in the USA.  The major difference is the width of the material, which will cause the basic style to be about 2" shorter overall.  

You do not have to order all the same color.  Try ordering your school colors or ordering the chair cover in one color and just the pocket in another!  If you like the brighter colors but are worried about them getting dirty, try a black or navy cover with the pocket in bright colors!


Shipping is Priority Mail.  (Shipping for smaller or larger amounts depends on weight and zip code) Shipping for canvas chairpockets will be higher because of the weight and bulk.

Minimum order is 6. However, if you are a previous customer and need to replace a few, or have a larger class, you may order less.

I accept checks, Paypal or purchase orders. There is a 3% fee for Paypal.  Feel free to e-mail if you have questions.   

For various reasons there is no order form on this site.  Just e-mail me at the address given to place an order!  Thank you!  Jeannine