Hi! I ordered a class set of chair pockets from you several years ago (I'm guessing 7-8 years) and need to replace some which have gone missing over the years. I am so impressed with the way they have held up! I need 10 or so.
Pam  2019


I ordered chart pockets from you about 7 years ago and they have been wonderful! I finally have order some new ones.

I am looking to order 16" chair pockets. I need 20 16" and I really don't have a color preference. I am looking forward to working with you again.

Mary Pat   2019

Hello I'm a returning customer. I have enjoyed your chair pockets so much and have had my current set for 5 years. Other friends of mine have purchased similar products and only last between 1 and 2 years!

I would like to order 32 chair pockets.
Michelle  2018

Wow! 8 years. Where does the time go.  I ordered chairpockets from you several years ago (2010) and I am in need of another class set.  I was wanting to get black this time around if you have it.  I will get back with you next week for an exact order.
Thanks so much!  Sage

Good Evening, Jeannine!
I ordered from  you several years ago (2012) and was very satisfied with my chair pockets!  They are still ok, but have faded after the repeated washings and years of use so I need to place another order!
Krista  2018

Thank you again, Jeannine!  My mom and I made my very first set of chair pockets when I started teaching 16 years ago.  But, I couldn’t take mine when I went overseas to Russia.  You saved the day and EVERYONE was so jealous, we ordered more.  Then, the same happened when I went to Germany.   Your chair pockets are around the world! 
I can’t wait to get my new ones!
Many, many thanks!
Lynn    2017

Hi jeannine, 

Last years chair pockets are like New, THIS New order is for New classrooms. Everybody around here absolutely love  your chair pockets. 
Cynthia   2016

Thank you for using your retirement to help us make running the classroom easier.
My chair covers still look like new after 2 years of hard use.   The chair covers wash well.  I take them out of the dryer and no ironing is needed!
Sue  2016

​Hi Jeannine,

I absolutely love them!  They keep our things so much more organized, and it is wonderful to have things readily available! Thanks for the wonderful chair pockets!


Hi Jeanine 
I love, love , love my chair pockets. Have a peek. We are so happy.
Lauren 2015

Just received my chair pockets. They are beautiful. I love the color combination and the seams are so strong. I can't wait to put them out on Monday.
Michelle  2015

Hi Jeannine,
My order was received today!!  Thank you!!!  The pockets are beautiful;  I love them even more than my other ones!  I appreciate your hard work and the quality of your products. 
Christine  2015

Hi Jeannine,
Went to school yesterday and my chair pockets were there!!!!   THEY ARE PERFECT!  I absolutely love them!!!!!  You may get more business from my school when people see theses in September!!!!    They are absolutely perfect.  If my class gets any bigger I may have to buy more but I hope not!!!!!
Thank you again!!!!!
Martha   2015

Hi Jeannine,

The pockets came the other day.  They are great.  Love the 2-tone look.  Thank you for your time and effort.
Mary  2015

Thank you so much for the chair pockets! They work great! I passed on your info to my co-workers! 
Thanks again,


Thank you, thank you.  I got the pouches Friday when I got home from school.  I LOVE them and so do the kids. Cathy  2015

Dear Jeannine,

Thank you so much for the wonderful chair pockets.  They are such a great addition to my classroom.  I appreciate you getting them to me so quickly.  I will definitely use  you again in the future! 


Thank you so much for the awesome chair pockets! I can't believe how fast I got them. I'm very excited to use them next year! Thanks again!!
Kaley  2014



The chair pockets arrived today!  Excellent work!  Thanks!

Janet  2014


The 50 chair pockets we purchased for kindergarten last year are wonderful!! We have sent you a new order for this year. Hoping to add some for 5th grade.  Nadine  2014
I received the chair pockets today and they are awesome!  Thank you so very much!  The kids are really excited about them, also.  It is going to be so great to have their materials on hand instead of traveling/overcrowding to the cubby area.

Hi Jeannine,

I received the seat pockets and they look great!  I've already received many compliments on how they add to the room.

Hi Jeanine!!
We received our chair pockets and love them! Thank you for your time & talent! We will be in touch if we need more next year.
Josie, Lisa, Jacklyn & Janine
Hey I just wanted to let you know that the seat sacks arrived yesterday afternoon! Thank you so much they are awesome and I am so excited for my students to be able to use them! Dawn  2013
Hey I just wanted to let you know that the seat sacks arrived yesterday afternoon! Thank you so much they are awesome and I am so excited for my students to be able to use them!  Dawn  2013

Dear Jeannine,

Thank you so much for your prompt service.  The chairpockets are beautiful.  You do amazing work!

Darlene    2013

I stopped by the school to hang some new curtains in the office.  The empty box from the chair pockets was in my office, so I peeked in the K rooms, and the teachers all had the chair pockets on their chairs!  They look awesome.  They had their folders and such already loaded for Monday's parent orientation.  

I wanted to thank you so, so much for getting them to us in time for the start of the school year.  It is truly appreciated. 

.Thanks again for everything Jeannine!  Your handiwork definitely has brightened up our five kindergarten classrooms!  They are thrilled!  Tina

The chair pockets are great!  Thank you so much!  I will definitely order from you again! Courtney  2013
Just wanted you to know I love my chair pockets!  Thank you so much for using your talents for all of us teachers still in the classroom.  The multi colors will be so fun!  Thanks again!

Hi Jeannine!
Just wanted to let you know the chair pockets arrived and they are wonderful!
Thanks so much.
Elaine   2013

Hi Jeannine!
Just wanted to update you on my chair pockets I purchased from you at the beginning of September. They are beautiful and oh so handy for the kids to keep their agenda and things in. A fantastic solution for tables with no desk space. I included a picture too. Thanks again!! :)  (picture in photo album)

Just got my covers today, I absolutely love them!! They are perfect!
Thank you again,
Hi again,
Just wanted to let you know I received my chair pockets yesterday and I was able to get into my class today and put them on and they're perfect! Thanks for the awesome and fast customer service!!!
-Alaina  2012

Dear Jeannine,

The chair pockets are wonderful.  They are so nicely constructed and fit perfectly.  Thank you for your quick work.  Lauren   2012

I am a kindergarten teacher and would like to order seat pockets. I have a colleague who ordered from you last year and she LOVES her seat pockets!! So now it is my turn.......Lisa  2012

Hi, Jeannine--My students and I LOVED the six chair pockets I ordered from you, so for next year I'm getting rid of the book bins and replacing them with chair pockets.  Could I place an order for.....Janice

Hi Jeannine,
I have ordered from you before and LOVED these pockets.  I am wanting to order another set.  I need 25 hunter green chair pockets just like what I ordered before.  Sharri

I just received the chair pockets today! Not only are the colors great, but they look fantastic and are VERY well made! Thank you again! This was a great purchase for my classroom!


  I ordered chair pockets from you about 4 years ago and am finally in need of a new set.  Yours were super durable and I loved them.  My question is......  Also, I’m sending several of my coworkers your way. 


Pockets arrived today; they are wonderful!! Thank you so much, and we would be happy to recommend you to other teachers.  Amy & Cindy
Hey Jeannine, I ordered some chair covers from you in August.  I received them in perfect time for school to start, not to mentinon they were perfect.  I have been meaning to let you know this since I got them.  I have truly enjoyed having them. It keeps the kids out of any baskets I used to have sitting on the tables.  Thanks again. Tricia
"I ordered 4 classrooms worth of chair pockets from you for our third grade. One of our teachers is moving  and the new teacher coming in is green with envy over our chair pockets. Everything you said about them is so true. They are VERY durable - some of my students would cram them with many pounds of books for their free reading and they held up so well under that stress (until I could purge some of the poundage!!). Anyway, I am going to go ahead and order another class set of chair pockets." Cindy

Hi, Jeannine! I'm so glad to see you are still in business. :) I ordered a set of 16 chair pockets from you three years ago, and they have been completely fabulous!! They are so sturdy, and except for the yellow-colored ones, I have had an easy time cleaning them. Due to these rough economic times, though, my class size will be going up next year, and so I need more chair pockets......   Laura


Got my seat covers today, and I LOVE THEM!!!  Thank you! Megan J

 Hi there. I ordered my chairpockets from you about 6 years ago. Since our class sizes have increased I'm in need
 a few more chair pockets. I love your product and need just a few more........     Bonnie

I received the chair pockets today and they are perfect!  I love the bright red color, they look great in my room.  Thank you again for providing an affordable and quality product for teachers who already spend too much money in their classroom!

We received Our chair pockets and my sons teacher loves them. They have made the children's life so much easier and there is less movement in the classroom.  Thank you again.     Tracy B.  Nov. 2009

I ordered chair pockets for my daughter-in-law's classroom. I was late getting an order in but received them in a short time.They were wonderful and a perfect fit!! Could not have done better!!   Martha T.   Oct. 2009

These are so wonderfully made! Thank you so much for the quick delivery! I'm going to recommend you to anyone I can. Thank you again!


We ordered some of the larger sized chair pockets for a few of our older students, and received them a few days ago. They are very well made and high quality. The shipping was very quick, too.
Thanks so much!  Kristy

(Sung to the Adams Family)
They’re durable and bright.
They’re sewn together right.
And if you want your student’s organized
Then buy seat sacks from Jeannine.

They come in many colors
Much more than many others
And if you want people to stare
Don’t send them anywhere.
Have them buy seat sacks from Jeannine!

The quality of her product and the workmanship she shows is better than what I have seen by some that you can buy in a store. I am quite confident in recommending Jeannine’s seat sacks because as she says- She’s Not Sew Retired Anymore! While she may not be teaching in the classroom anymore, she still impacts the future of many one seat at a time.   Shelley


I just wanted to say Thank You so much for our chair pockets! They are beautiful and we love them!!!!   Mandy



I just wanted to let you know that the seat sacks are wonderful!  It is great to have the kids’ notebooks up off the floor this year, and the color (from the sacks) when you walk in the room is really amazing.  I have had many of my students from last year come by and ask why I didn’t have those when they were in my room.  The teachers are eying them and asking if they work.  I keep telling them “YES”!    Dani – with no messy room!

Wow! I received my chair pockets the other day and I love them! Thank you for getting them to me so fast. My students are now more organized and my classroom is a more colorful place! I told my students to treat the pockets like GOLD so they will last a few years but when they can't hold up anymore, I know the best person to make me more- You! Every teacher that comes in my room compliments them and I tell them, "You should order from!" Thanks again!
Awesome chair pockets.  They look great and I am so glad I came upon you!!!  I will keep you in mind and pass your product on to my colleagues.  Thank you.
I just want you to know that the chair pockets are great! They are so durable and look awesome!  I've told everyone what a great job you did.
Thanks again for the rush delivery,

I received the navy chair bags today and am soooo excited!!!  They are wonderful!!!  We have had other people make them before but they have never been this nice.  We love the fabric you used- it feels so durable (which will be very handy for Kindergartners). 
Thank you so much!  We will definitely be repeat customers and will recommend you to the other teachers.
                                            Thanks again,       
My Chair Pockets from Jeannine are one of the best investments I have made for my classroom.  They are an awesome organizational tool.  The chair pockets make it possible for my kids to keep their work space clean, and  put their own work away without ever leaving their seats!  Each table in my room is a different color, and the pockets really brighten the room.  I take them home once a quarter to wash.  I have discovered that one scoop of Oxyclean and they look brand new!  Jeannine did an awesome job, and was very efficient in getting my order to me in time for the new school year.
Kindergarten Teacher 
The chair pockets arrived on Friday.  They look FANTASTIC!!  Thank you
so much for getting them done so quickly and with such great quality.  
I'll definitely be keeping your e-mail on file for when they need to be
replaced in a couple of years. In fact, one of the other K teachers asked for
your e-mail, 'cause she is considering getting them, too.
Thanks again,
I want to thank you for the fantastic job you did on my chair pockets! My students
absolutely LOVE them. They brighten up the room the minute a person walks in.
It is so convenient for my students to just slip their journals and writing tools right behind their chairs. This prevents all the unnecessary movement retrieving them. My friends have all asked me where I got them from;I am quick to tell them your name. Thank you so much for helping me keep my students organized this year!